connectivity kit2Are you a local senior looking to connect to the internet at home but don’t have a device or WiFi?

We can help with that!

Our Senior Connectivity Kits include a Chromebook, hotspot, mouse, headset, and charging cables, all in a convenient carrying case.

More information and technical support can be found at the VC Connects website.

Borrowing Guidelines (Need a Card?)
  • Senior patrons may check out a kit for 3 weeks with up to 3 renewals.
  • Only one Senior Connectivity Kit per person can be checked out at a time.
  • Kits must be returned to Blanchard Community Library staff directly and may not be returned to the book drop.
  • All equipment must be returned in the same condition as when it was borrowed. Users may not add or remove apps, download any programs, or change the configuration of the Chromebook in any way.
  • If items are lost, stolen, or damaged, the borrower will be responsible for replacement costs.
  • The Blanchard Community Library is not responsible for any loss or damage to patrons’ data or media due to hardware, software, electrical surge or failure, or any other cause while the patron is using library computer equipment.
  • It is the user’s responsibility to save data via cloud storage or on an external device in the case of battery or device failure. 
  • No data may be saved to the hard drive of any library laptop; documents saved to the hard drives of library computers will be automatically be deleted when the computer is shut down or returned.
  • Staff may assist with basic computer usage questions but are not available for training; users are expected to have a working knowledge of computers and programs.
Kit Contents & Fees

Borrowing and using our Connectivity Kits is FREE. However, if one of the components is lost or damaged, replacement fees will charged to your account. Fees for unreturned parts of the Connectivity Kit are:

  • Samsung Chromebook 4 — $330
  • Netgear Aircard 797 Mobile Hotspot — $250
  • USB charging cable and power adapter — $12
  • Laptop carrying Case — $20
  • Wired mouse — $8
  • Senior Connectivity Kit (total) — $620

There are no overdue fees for a Senior Connectivity Kit, however if the kit is not returned within 5 days of the due date, it will be considered lost and the borrowing patron will be responsible for the full cost of the Senior Connectivity Kit

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