Board of Trustees

The Blanchard/Santa Paula Library District is an independent special district governed by a five-person Board of Trustees, who are elected by the voters that live within the district. Trustees are elected in even-numbered years and serve four-year terms, serving staggered terms, with three positions being elected at one election and the other two trustees two years later. Trustees must be registered voters and live within the district, which is geographically the same as the district served by Santa Paula High School. Regular board meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of every month.

  • Miriam Zamora, President (term expires 2024)
  • Geraldine Barrows, Trustee (term expires 2026)
  • Lori Beardsley, Trustee (term expires 2026)
  • Ricardo Reyes, Trustee (term expires 2024)
  • Ron Merson, Trustee (term expires 2024)

Anyone considering running for a position as a trustee is encouraged to contact the District Director for more information.

Area Served

Click here for a map of the Blanchard/Santa Paula Library District.

Local Agency Formation Commission

In July 2018 the Ventura Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) approved the sphere of influence of the District and determined that it was meeting the needs of the people in its service area.

A copy of the LAFCo Municipal Service Review can be found here.

The website of the Ventura Local Agency Formation Commission can be found here.

Financial Transactions Report

The District annually files a Financial Transaction Report with the California State Controller’s office. A copy of the most recent report can be found on the State Controller’s website here.


The budget for the 2020-21 fiscal year can be found here.

Library Reserve Policy

The library policy for the establishment of financial reserves may be found here.

Staff Compensation

District compensation details including staff salaries, pensions, and benefits can be found on the California State Controller’s website. The information can be found here.

Library Board Meeting Agenda